Critical Information from えんとろぺー

えんとろぺーが終わってた。しかも当日通知かい。Critical Information About Your Entropay AccountWe’re sorry to let you know that due to new restrictions imposed on card issuers, we can no longer provide virtual Visa cards to people living outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and to users in Norway.Here is how this change will affect you:As from today, 13 August 2018, you will no longer be able to top up Entropay cards from debit or credit cards. Your cards will remain active and you can spend any remaining money.After 31 October 2018, all of your Entropay cards will be cancelled and permanently deleted. All money remaining on your Entropay cards will be deposited into your Entropay wallet.You can withdraw your money from your Entropay wallet to your bank account or to an existing debit or credit card. There is no deadline to withdraw your money; although your Entropay cards will be deleted, your Entropay wallet will remain active after 31 October.If your Entropay cards are currently associated with any recurring payments (for example, with a streaming service) you should replace these as soon as possible to avoid service disruption.Although this development is outside of our control, we are sorry for what we understand will be both a frustration and inconvenience for some of our users.問題となるのは、たとえばえ○動画サイトなど、えんとろぺーを定期払いに使ってる場合は、他のカードに切り替えておく必要がある。あとは引き出ししか出来ないから、域外のユーロ圏バーチャルカードは、終了。EEA(欧州経済領域)に参加してるはずのノルウェーは、なぜダメなのか?EEAにだけ参加して、EUにはカネを出してないからか?
Source: リアルマネーオンラインゲーム


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